Community Health Champions (Be a Game Changer)

Active North Tyneside’s Community Health Champion programme is seeking more male participants – to encourage men to be more active and enjoy the resulting health benefits.

The team is working with the Newcastle United Foundation as part of its ‘Be a Game Changer’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage fans to take steps to look after both their physical and mental health.

Being physically active, socialising and doing things for others all have a hugely positive impact on mental well-being. The project is perfect for those who are interested in or involved in football; and who have inactive friends who they could encourage to join in!

Champions will recruit two or more friends or family to take part in regular physical activity over six months. Lots of support is available and there are freebies and rewards on offer too!

Give us a call for details of the next signup session

Tel: (0191) 643 7171