Being able to swim isn’t only a form of exercise or a leisure activity, it’s a life saving skill that lasts a lifetime.

Drowning is preventable. Sharing information about water safety can save lives.

As coronavirus restrictions have eased in the early part of 2021, swimming pools, and lessons, have been able to return.

We asked parents with children in lessons across North Tyneside why swimming lessons were so important to their family.


Jude’s mam said: “Jude is 7 and onto stage 3 of his swimming lessons. He looks forward to them and I have seen his confidence grow in the water. It is a life skill which is so important and as a family having another child aged 5 years it is important Jude is safe and confident in the water when we swim as a family. His sister Abbie is eager is to start her swimming lessons soon too.”


Katy’s mam Suzie said: “Katy has gained a lot of self-confidence since the beginning of her lessons and she has also made new friends. We enjoy swimming as a family and Katy also goes into the sea with her brother so it’s really important that they are safe in water. Lessons will help her to become a confident swimmer but it’s also a good way to get Katy to exercise.


Wesley’s mam Samantha said: “Wesley was 5 when we decided he needed to learn to swim. He loves it and looks forward to his lesson every week. I feel it is important to know how to swim to a good level in case you’re near a body of water and fall in. Especially as a child, they have a greater chance of survival as they can either save themselves or keep afloat long enough until help arrives.”


Avi’s mam Kerri said: “Avi began lessons when he was 5, he loves splashing around and playing with his brother, as well as showing of his new skills. Avi and his brother are both learning how to swim, and I will feel much more relaxed on the poolside holidays we have planned next year.

“I think it’s so important to encourage water safety and learning to swim is a key part to this. It is also a great way to stay active and have family fun.”


Venus’ parents Martin and Sharon said: “We love that Venus is going through the Learn To Swim programme, not only does she love the swimming lessons but it also gives us greater peace of mind when she is on her paddleboard, both in the sea and at The Lakes.”


Zoe’s dad said: “Zoe has been coming into the pool from a very young age as we wanted her to be used to the water. We have built up good water confidence with her but wanted the structure of swimming lessons with awards to work towards. 

“Zoe loves her swimming lessons and looks forwards to them every week, even to the point where she puts her swimming bag together the night before. As well as her lessons we try and get her in a couple of times a month. She loves to show us what she has been working on.”

More information on swimming lessons in North Tyneside can be found here.