Exercise doesn’t always have to feel like a chore or like a piece of homework!

The Healthy4Life team have some ideas to make it fun, and more importantly, help increase physical activity levels and improve young people’s overall fitness:

  1. Add some music – playing music is the perfect distraction, it can mask tired feelings and it can help to boost a good mood! Even just turning a song up loud and dancing along counts as exercise! (That applies to adults too!)
  2. Find a workout friend or community – exercising alone isn’t always fun no matter how old you are. If your child is interested in a certain sport or activity, are there any friends or family members who also enjoy the same thing? Don’t forget praise too, a high 5 goes a long way!
  3. Mix it up – exercise doesn’t have to be a sport or exercise session! Heading to the park for a game of rounders with friends or to the beach to fly a frisbee is just as effective!
  4. Go outdoors – movement can happen anywhere by doing anything, try going out into nature to see what the kids can find; think sticks, butterflies, flowers, and insects – just make sure to dress for the weather!
  5. Use family time to be active – replace movie night with a game, whether it’s hide and seek or relay races in the garden – get creative!