Active Mams North Tyneside

What is it?

Active Mams North Tyneside sessions are ideal for new mums/parents/carers to exercise with their baby. The classes involve a gradual warm-up followed by a workout designed to get you moving, and specific exercises for new mums to tone particular muscle groups and target post baby weight gain.

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When can I start? If you are a new mum, you can start as soon as you have had the go-ahead from your GP, usually after your 6-week check-up after a natural birth and 8-12 weeks after a cesarean delivery.

What should I wear?  Loose comfortable clothing, and shoes appropriate for exercise.

Are instructors qualified?  The sessions are delivered by Active North Tyneside Fitness Instructors who are qualified in pre/post natal exercise.

As with all Active North Tyneside activities a valid resident easeEXTRA card is required.