North Tyneside Walking Social Clubs

Please Note:  Following Government guidance; our led walks are currently on hold. We are working behind the scenes putting procedures in place to ensure our walk leaders and walkers remain safe when they get back to their social groups.

We are compiling risk assessments and procedures according to guidance provided by public health and advice from Walking for Health. We envisage being able to deliver our walks with you very soon.

 In the meantime, please make use of our self-led walking route maps. Choose from a variety of walks within North Tyneside.

Get out and about and socialise!

Walk more and feel the difference…… 

Why is walking the perfect activity for health?

  • Almost everyone can do it
  • You can do it anywhere and anytime
  • It’s a chance to make new friends
  • It’s free and you don’t need special equipment
  • You can start slowly and build up gradually at your own pace

Regular walking will help you feel good, reduce your blood pressure, reduce your stress levels, keep your heart strong, improve your sleep patterns and help to manage your weight. You will feel an increase in your energy levels and much happier due to the realease of endorphins (‘Happy hormones’).

How much is enough?

Adults should aim to be active daily. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 mins (2 ½ hours) of moderate intense physical activity, in bouts of 10 mins or more – or 30 mins every day!

Enjoy walking in the great outdoors with our fully qualified walk leaders, who dedicate their time making your walking experience a good one, alongside great company

We would like to invite to come along and join in a walk …. whether it is for a short, 30 minute brisk walk, or a longer 2 hour saunter, there are plenty to choose from. Whatever your ability, or whatever takes your fancy, there’s a walk to suit your needs.

Walk your way to fitness in the company of others whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings North Tyneside has to offer.

Choose from our selection of weekly and fortnightly walks:

If you are interested in any of the walks listed above please call the contact person for that particular walk.

If walking in a group isn’t for you; you might like to try our self-led walks. Follow the link for more information Self-led Healthy Walks. With 19 routes throughout North Tyneside ranging from 1 – 6 miles; you’re sure to find something suitable.

For any further information please contact Gillian Adam – Physical Activity Co-ordinator for Adults on 0191 643 7441.

Macmillan Support Group Health Walks ‘Walk and Talk’

Walks are held from various locations for those living with cancer; or caring for someone who is. Booking is required as these walks have seasonal breaks. Contact Angela or Helen on 0191 2934377 for further details.