Weight Worries

Do you want to lose weight, get healthy, exercise correctly and get your BMI (Body Mass Index) down?

Weight Worries could be for you!

Weight Worries is a brand new approach to weight loss and could be the only approach you’ll need from now on. It includes a 12 week membership to our specialised beginners classes, with gym and swim opportunities included as an additional or added option of physical activity. Weight Worries is exclusively for North Tyneside resident adults with a BMI between 25 –35. If you don’t know your BMI, simply check your weight and height measurement then use the BMI calculator link below. If your reading is between 25 and 35 you could be eligible for the programme

Click HERE to check your BMI

The programme combines lifestyle and healthy eating advice alongside a beginners physical activity programme. Weight Worries focuses on easing you into exercise, at the right level. It also allows you to understand your body and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Weight Worries is completely free all we ask of you is commitment and determination

In order that you benefit fully from the programme we recommend that you commit to do 2 – 3 weight worries exercise sessions per week. We deliver a whole range of classes, offering something for everyone.  Alongside our amazing beginners exercise classes; you can also access any Contours gym or swim facility. Swimming lessons and beginners jogging groups.

As well as the exercise classes you will be required to attend a weekly lifestyle session where you will be given nutritional advice and lots of great tips which will help you on your way to becoming healthier and fitter than you ever thought possible.

How it works 

Our team uses ‘In Body’ technology throughout the programme which analyses and accurately assesses your health from the inside out. This provides you with detailed body measurements, not just weight but body fat percentage and lean muscle mass (the good stuff). When you receive this information you will also be given guidance as to what’s required to improve your health through lifestyle changes. Our team will tailor your exercise programme specifically to you in order to help you achieve the right results.

We provide specialised beginners classes with hand picked instructors; solely for Weight Worries participants. All classes are lower impact, shorter duration and less intense than mainstream classes. They are designed to be fun and to ease you into physical activity the right way. This sits along side 12 weeks of group sessions covering lifestyle and exercise advice with top tips to help you achieve a healthier BMI and get you on your way to your weight loss goal, through losing body fat.

Find out what you can expect from the programme; by watching our short video’s

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“I joined Weight Worries in January, after realising I wasn’t happy in myself and needed to do something to change my lifestyle and enjoy the rest of my life. I loved the range of activities and took advantage of the free swimming lessons too. With the support of the team, after 12 weeks I had lost a stone and a half and I still go to the pool for Aquafit three times a week now.
Weight Worries is a fabulous programme and we are so lucky to have it in North Tyneside.”

“I took part in the Sept 2016 programme. Since then I’ve lost three stones in 10 months and am feeling fighting fit! I was a bit unsure when I first went along and felt like turning round and heading out the door until Brenda, the dietician, spoke to me and put me at ease. Weight Worries has helped my health all round and my GP is over the moon with the improvements I have made to my health through exercise and healthy eating on Weight Worries. I’ve joined Contours gym and am thoroughly enjoying keeping up with the classes and gym work.”

” Can I start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to the full team, I have found the Weight Worries Program very helpful, really interesting and fun. The team are very good at getting information across in a way everyone can understand and not patronize. The classes you have picked have been great and the instructors have all been lovely and caring to everyone in the classes, which makes you want to keep going back. The whole program has been worth every minute and I am sorry it is coming to a end. So once again a BIG THANK YOU to 3 brilliant health / fitness, caring people”.

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If you would like to register for the Weight Worries programme, please give us a call on 0191 6437171 to speak to a member of the team who will be happy to answer your questions and go through the criteria with you.