Going to the gym without a goal is a bit like getting into a car without knowing where you’re going.

Your goal is your end point.

It’s something to celebrate once achieved.

Whether you have a long-term goal like aiming to run a marathon, or a short-term goal like getting into shape before a holiday, it’s important to set one.

Without having something to aim for it’s easy to fall into a stagnant pattern with your exercise regime. Lots of people are guilty of repeating the same workout for months on end, going through the motions. It’s not because they’re lazy, it’s because it’s comfortable and familiar. But this can mean that training has no purpose, which is when motivation can wane and excuses creep in.

How do I set a goal?

For best results, use ‘SMART’:

Specific – make your goal something tangible, instead of ‘weight loss’ try ‘I want to fit into these jeans’
Measurable – you should be able to measure your goal. e.g. I want to back squat 60kgs
Achievable – it’s pointless aiming for something you’ll never achieve, it must be attainable
Relevant – it’s about you, if you don’t enjoy running, setting a goal to run a marathon isn’t worth your time
Time – set an end date by which to achieve what you’re aiming for

Then what?

Once you have created a SMART goal, your training will become clearer. It will become the focus of your workouts. If you’re trying to fit into jeans your training will be different to if you want to be able to back squat 60kgs.

Start to think:

• Why am I doing this?
• Will this exercise help?
• What else can I do to speed up the process?

If you hit any stumbling blocks setting or achieving your goals, Contours gym instructors can create personalised programmes for members.