Having lived through the covid lockdown many of us found ourselves either taking our fitness seriously (think PE with Joe Wicks and Instagram workouts in the living room), finding an escape in it (that daily walk really meant a lot to some), or having a realisation that maybe we should be doing more to improve our health. 

This National Fitness Day we’re asking people what fitness means to them…


“I love the gym and spinning classes. I do it for my cardiovascular fitness and to keep my heart healthy. Doing exercise makes me feel good mentally; I feel good at the end of a workout because I know it’s so good for me.”


“I like to challenge myself physically and mentally. I’ve completed 6 marathons to date, and I am aiming to achieve my personal best at the Manchester Marathon in October. Training is going well and I’m aiming to get a 4 hour time. My next challenge will be to tackle my first ultra-marathon of 32 miles before the new year. It’s not just about the miles though, it’s about the buzz of the day itself and the achievement of training for a milestone.”


“I have been back at the gym for a while after the covid lockdown; it has made a huge difference to my energy levels and breaks up the isolation of working from home. I feel better all round in myself, and I am gradually improving my fitness levels.”


“I started the gym 8 months ago at 17.5 stone and was worried about my health. I set myself a task to try and lose weight and by combining a program in the gym with a look at my diet I have lost a total of 3 stone. I am fitter, stronger and feel better. My energy levels are much better for my day-to-day activities and for my family life. I enjoy it and it has been proven to help with my mental health too.”