On a staycation? Off to the park? Planning a day trip?

A picnic is the perfect lunch choice and Healthy4Life has some top tips for making your picnic (or packed lunch!) delicious and nutritious!

Bread isn’t so boring!

Carbohydrates are important in keeping our energy levels up and you should have some carbs with every meal of the day. But bread doesn’t have to be boring! Variety is the spice of life so mix things up with seeded rolls, pitta breads, flat breads, baguettes and bagels!

Top tip, keep bread products in the freezer and defrost what you need as you go! Less waste and saves money by making sure you use the whole pack/loaf!

Did someone say dairy?

Calcium is a mineral that keeps your bones and teeth healthy and strong. Dairy products can help to bulk out sandwiches or pasta pots – there’s a wide variety of cheeses you can try –  but it can also be nice add on too. Two servings of dairy products per day is recommended.

Five is always the magic number

Most of us are well versed in knowing that it’s recommended we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. For picnics or packed lunches consider adding cucumber and tomato to your sandwiches. Bananas, apples and satsumas require no preparation, and don’t forget dried fruits such as raisins still count!

Swap snacks

Many people think snacks are bad, but that’s not necessarily true 100% of the time. You can just have bad snack choices, which is when it comes in handy to have some swaps under your belt!

When it comes to having that little something extra, try to choose something sensible. Malt loaf, unsalted nuts, unsweetened yoghurt and dark chocolate are all good options to consider.

Hello hydration

Being hydrated has many benefits, from serious things like keeping your organs functioning, through to improving your mood.

In the warmer weather it’s even more important for helping regulate your temperature.

Avoid fizzy drinks and choose water, milk, 150ml of fruit juice, or low calorie squash.