Self-led walks

Walking is a great way to improve your health, put a spring in your step and take in the beautiful scenery across North Tyneside.

Why walk?

Do you know what the current recommendation for physical activity is? It’s at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. So brisk walking is just the job – 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

If you still need convincing, here are a few positive things that walking can do for your health.

• Make you feel good and lighten your mood
• Give you more energy
• Help your heart and lungs work better
• Help reduce stress and sleep better
• Lower your blood pressure
• Keep your weight down and manage your weight
• Keep your joints, muscles and bones strong

How should I feel when brisk walking?

On average a person walks a mile in around 15-20 minutes but this may vary depending on your individual level of fitness. Start at your own pace and fitness level and build up gradually. How should I feel when brisk walking?

• You should feel slightly warmer
• Your heart should be beating a bit faster
• You should be breathing a little faster and deeper but you should still be able to hold a conversation.

Safety first

• Remember to build up your pace gently.
• Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and appropriate footwear.
• Avoid walking if you feel unwell in any way.
• Stop walking if you feel sick, dizzy or are in discomfort or pain. If symptoms persist see a doctor.
• If walking alone, tell a friend or family member where you are going – be especially careful if walking at night.
• Take a bottle of water and a snack with you on long walks.
• Remember to protect yourself from the sun – a hat and sunscreen can help.
• Wear suitable warm clothing in cold or wet weather. Be prepared for British weather.
• Please use pavements wherever possible and take extra care when crossing roads.
• Always ensure you are confident of completing your route before starting out.

Please click on the links below to access our self led walks. With 19 routes throughout North Tyneside ranging from 1 – 6 miles; you’re sure to find something suitable.

Wallsend Area

Alan’s Amble (1.5 miles)

Discover the Dene (2 miles)

Carl’s Roman Roam (4 miles)

North shields Area

Colin’s Canter to Dockland (1.5 miles)

Don’s Wander to Hilltops (1.5 miles)

Woodland to River Circular (1.6 miles)

Mark’s Bimble to Marina (2.5 miles)

West Allotment Area

Three-pond Pathway (1 mile)

Time-dial Viewpoint (1 mile)

West Allotment Way (1.5 miles)

Matty’s Waggonway Wander (1.9 miles)

Shiremoor Adventure Playground Toddle  (2.75 miles)

Killingworth Area

Mineral Line Meander (2 miles)

Backworth Waggonway Walk (2.5 miles)

Sams Centre Saunter (2.5 miles)

Lakeside Stroll (3 miles)

Costal Area

Seaside Stroll  (1.25 miles)

Brierdene Bimble (2 miles)

Stride out to the Lighthouse  (6.25 miles)

Please Note that North Tyneside Council will not accept liability for accident or injuries sustained whilst walking.

For any further information please contact Gillian Adam – Physical Activity Co-ordinator for Adults on 0191 643 7441.