‘On your bike’ usually holds a negative connotation, but in actual fact, getting on a bike in a spinning studio could be a great way for you to contribute to your exercise goals – whether that’s so many workouts a month, so many minutes in a week or so many calories in a day.

So, what’s so good about spinning? Here’s six reasons to give it a try…

  • It releases endorphins: jumping on a spin bike and taking part in a class will make you feel better coming out than you did going in. You will leave feeling physically tired but mentally on a high (and that’s the feeling people become addicted to)! Staying active can help combat depression and other negative mental and physical health conditions including stress.
  • It’s low impact exercise: cycling is a great exercise to help with recovery from injury, surgery or if you need to ease back into exercise. Spinning can be as intense as you make it – you can go easy if you need to, but you can also turn up the intensity or resistance on the bike if you get a burst of energy or motivation.
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness: cardiovascular fitness lowers your chances of getting coronary heart disease or other cardiovascular health problems. As spinning helps increase cardiovascular fitness, runners may find it a helpful way to improve their fitness and push them to run faster or longer. That 5k PB is waiting to be beaten!
  • It helps with muscle definition: your core strength helps keep your body supported and upright, which is key for good posture. Spinning can increase your core strength and improve muscle definition in your legs helping you to see the results you desire.
  • You can meet new people and get motivated: you might have been a Contours member for years but never taken part in a class. Spinning could introduce you to new people and give your routine some variety. It’s also a great atmosphere and taking part in an activity with others could push you.
  • It’s quick and convenient: most spinning classes are 30 minutes long, and some can be equivalent to a two-hour bike ride!

Virtual and instructor-led spinning classes are on class timetables across North Tyneside leisure centres and are included in your membership price. There is more information on membership options here.