Whether you feel your basic bicycle control skills need a little improvement, you’d like to start riding on the road but currently lack the confidence or knowledge, or you feel confident enough to cycle on quiet roads, but would like to start to tackle more challenging road environments – we have the course for you!

This summer there are three adult courses, for beginner, intermediate and advanced cyclists.

What does each course cover?

Beginners (for more information click here):

  • Helmet fitting
  • Bike check
  • Setting off, slowing down and stopping
  • Looking behind while pedalling in a straight line
  • Riding one-handed
  • Turning in a tight space
  • Using gears
  • Controlling speed
  • Avoiding hazards
  • Riding with other cyclists

Intermediate (for more information click here):

  • Suitable riding positions for cycling on the road
  • Starting and stopping safely
  • Identifying and responding to hazards
  • Negotiating junctions

Advanced (for more information click here):

  • Negotiating roundabouts
  • Using junctions controlled by traffic lights
  • Using multi-lane roads
  • Using cycle infrastructure, including advanced stop boxes
  • Cycling with large vehicles, including buses and lorries

What will I need?

  • You will need to provide a roadworthy bicycle, with two working brakes.
  • A helmet is not required, but is recommended.
  • Check the weather forecast prior to the course, and wear suitable clothing.
  • There will be a break for refreshments, but you may also want to bring a drink if you have facilities to store it, either on your bike or in a bag. 

For more information on preparing, click here.

Where and when?

Beginners: Saturday 21 August at The Lakeside Centre, 9.00am-10.30am, book here.
Intermediate: Saturday 21 August at The Lakeside Centre, 10.45am-3.00pm, book here.
Advanced: Saturday 28 August at The Lakeside Centre, 10.00am-3.00pm, book here.