As we approach the end of December (and 2021), it’s been another tough year that has again emphasised the importance of being active, for your physical and mental wellbeing.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, we’re swapping the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ for the ‘Ten benefits of exercise’.

  1. Physical activity lifts your mood and promotes wellbeing
  2. Exercise increases your metabolic rate
  3. Training defines muscle shape
  4. Movement helps you sleep better
  5. Physical activity decreases your risk of heart attack
  6. Exercise helps to lower your cholesterol
  7. Training helps to you to lose weight or maintain weight loss
  8. Movement increases your cardiovascular performance and stamina
  9. Physical activity reduces your blood pressure
  10. Exercise reduces your risk of osteoporosis
  11. Training helps with depression and anxiety
  12. Movement improves co-ordination and balance

If you’re looking to re-introduce exercise into your daily routine in the New Year, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with free opportunities with Active North Tyneside; from walking groups to tennis, and our five leisure centres are also jam packed with options for exercise, from swimming and badminton to the gym to line dancing!

More information on Active North Tyneside initiatives can be found in the menu, information on our leisure centres can be found here.