Our ‘Healthy4Life’ programme helps families across North Tyneside and the title speaks for itself – being healthy is a life-long commitment. Being healthy for one day isn’t going to change your life, the same as having the occasional treat won’t ruin all of your hard work!

So, to turn the ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ phrase on its head, being healthy is for life, and isn’t to be forgotten at Christmas!

As always, we’re here to help! The Healthy4Life team has created a 12 day guide to a more active and healthy Christmas – with lots of festive fun for the family…

Day eleven

Prancer’s porridge

Prancer’s porridge is the perfect winter breakfast for the whole family! It’s called Prancer’s porridge because Prancer has it for breakfast every day – even when all the other reindeer choose cereal or eggs – it’s his all time favourite!

Ingredients (makes one bowl):

  • 30-40g porridge oats
  • (Roughly) 180-200ml of water or milk (or a mixture of both)
  • Two blueberries
  • A raspberry
  • Two strawberries


  • Make a portion of porridge (using roughly 30-40g dry oats mixed with your water and/or semi skimmed milk or an alternative such as soy)
  • When the porridge is at the consistency you like, pour it in to a bowl but try to make the mixture nice and level in the bowl
  • Take 2 blueberries and place on the top of the porridge as the reindeer eyes
  • Add your raspberry as a red nose (we like to make Prancer’s porridge look like his best friend Rudolf!)
  • Chop one strawberry in half to make ears, and chop the second strawberry into quarters to make antlers!