As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we all had to adjust our daily routines.

But whether you’re a regular gym goer struggling to find your ‘get up and go’, or you’re new to fitness and trying to gradually introduce some physical activity, below are some ways you can add some movement to your days from the comfort of home.

Move with the mundane

Boiling the kettle for the 5th time that day? Get 10 star jumps done. Brushing your teeth? Do 20 squats. Drying the dishes? Jog gently on the spot (we don’t want to break any crockery!) 

By fitting in small bursts of activity while you’re going through the motions of your daily routine you can stay energised.  Elevating your heart rate while you’re going about your day will maximise your time.  

Housework is a hit

Tackle that task you promised yourself you’d do. Whether it’s cleaning the windows, sorting out the junk cupboard or hoovering for what feels like the 10th time that week, you can reap serious rewards from what’s known as functional mobility.

Functional movements are movements which you find replicated in real life situations and cover everything from how you stretch up to reach some oats off the top shelf in the morning to bending down to empty the washing machine.

Activities that improve your functional mobility will help you to move independently and safely day to day.

Boost your binge

Find yourself filling time by binging the latest TV series? Use it as a timer! In between episodes make sure you get yourself up and about, whether it’s walking up and down the stairs three times before you press play again or you commit to 20 lunges during the opening credits, break up the time you’re stationary and keep those muscles moving.

Swap disco naps for a disco dance

Whatever our taste, we all naturally respond to the music we like.

Choose your tune, be it ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi, ‘Reach’ by S Club 7, or ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, turn the volume up, get up and spend those 3 or 4 minutes singing and dancing along. Involve the kids, or belt out your best karaoke skills alone, either way you’ll find yourself using your lungs and your body. And it will brighten your mood too!