Weight Worries

Do you want to lose weight, get healthy, exercise correctly and get your BMI (Body Mass Index) down?

Weight Worries could be for you!

Weight Worries is a new approach to weight loss and could be the only approach you’ll need from now on.

It includes a 12-week membership to our specialised beginners classes, with gym and swim opportunities included as an additional or added option of physical activity.

Weight Worries is exclusively for North Tyneside resident adults with a BMI between 25 –35.

The programme is completely free all we ask of you is commitment and determination

In order that you benefit fully from the programme we recommend that you commit to do 2 – 3 weight worries exercise sessions per week. We deliver a whole range of classes, offering something for everyone.  Alongside our amazing beginners exercise classes; you can also access any Contours gym or swim facility. Swimming lessons and beginners jogging groups.

We are currently accepting registration to our next programme which starts in May. However places are limited and going fast so If you’re interested don’t delay!


For more information or to get signed up; give the team a call today on 0191 6437171